Project Manager

Position Summary

The project manager designs, develops and facilitates the implementation of an education strategy and/or program(s) through effective and efficient management of resources, timelines and budgets. He/she provides leadership and is accountable for delivery of initiatives that address the educational needs of health care professionals (HCPs), in order to reduce the healthcare gaps.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with medical and project teams to identify, understand and prioritize healthcare gaps and educational needs (knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence or system) for selected healthcare groups and specific therapeutic areas
  • Develop an innovative and strategic education plan including educational objectives, program overview and recommendations for program format in order to help reduce healthcare gaps, while meeting patient’s and HCP’s needs
  • Develop interventions using evidence-based adult and organizational learning principles adapted to type of learners, content and setting
  • Pilot new models of educational interventions to achieve effective learning and behavioural changes
  • Collaborate with University CHE/CPD departments, associations to ensure adherence to various requirements
  • Use measurement data to assess educational outcomes / metrics of the educational intervention based on a minimum level 3 evaluation (Moore pyramid)
  • Lead and manage project execution and administration efficiently and effectively:
  • Set clear expectations and timelines in alignment with appropriate resourcing and budgetary management
  • Ensure appropriate accreditation and/or endorsement of selected programs
  • Accountable for delivery of initiatives
  • Continually engage in self-development of education expertise, accreditation and performance measurement, while adhering to ethical healthcare educational standards/guidelines such as IMC, CMA, CFPC, Royal College, CQDPCM, ACEHP
  • Monitor CHE/CPD environment for new trends, opportunities and competitor strategies while staying attuned to new technologies

Key requirements for this job


University degree, preferably in Science or Education

  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in CHE/CPD environment related to project management and implementation
  • Experience with health care system (direct or indirect)
  • Some Pharma experience (direct or indirect)
Specific skills and/or competencies
  • Superior knowledge and experience of Canadian and/or global CHE/CPD environment (National standards, CQDPCM code, accreditation with professional societies)
  • Solid educational foundation in health sciences with respect to physiology, disease pathogenesis, therapeutics
  • Expertise in educational design, adult learning, education best practice, and outcomes assessment
  • Demonstration of strategic thinking, creativity, innovation, analytical approach, and excellence in problem-solving
  • Proven track record of successful project management leadership and delivery
  • Excellence in communication (verbal and written)
  • Ability and willingness to learn and to challenge the status quo
  • Flexibility , autonomy and initiative

Bilingual (English/ French)

Computer Knowledge

Fully competent in Powerpoint, Excel, Word


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