Digital Experience Associate

Position Summary

The digital department at Liv Agency is tasked with strategizing, developing, and operationalizing the online experience of its medical education initiatives for physicians and healthcare workers. Sometimes that’s a straight-forward registration site, or other times a complex multifaceted learning platform. You’ll have the opportunity to bring your skills and to build, learn, and grow with a creative and scientific team. At liV, we don’t just deliver learning programs, we create experiences.

Key Responsibilities

You’ll be working together with the programmers, Project Managers, and Digital Coordinator, and under the Director of Technology and Innovation to:

  • Create and edit HTML/CSS
  • Create and report on HTML email blasts
  • Manage online services like Cloudflare, SendGrid, Vimeo, etc.
  • Administer WHM, cPanel, etc.
  • Edit Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator documents
  • Create "Journey Maps” to visualize the user experience
  • Manage and support online meetings/events/symposia (Zoom, Teams, Livestream, etc.).


  • UI/UX graphic design
  • Create and edit PowerPoint presentations
  • MySQL, PHP

Key requirements for this job


3+ years of relevant digital/online experience. Preference is given to those with agency or healthcare/pharmaceutical company experience.

Specific skills and/or competencies

Strong understanding of digital ecosystems and user experience design. 

Natural or trained ability to grasp both product and technical aspects of web applications, database functionalities, and general web functionality. 

Ability to identify critical issues and simplify complex issues. 

Facilitate consensus amongst all stakeholders and ensure the successful resolution of all issues, problems, and changes within a project to ensure delivery targets are met.

The position is full-time, remote, and open to candidates throughout Canada.


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