Coordinator, Operations / Logistics

Évelyne brings a solid understanding of event coordination and a bright and engaging personality to the LiV team.

Her dynamic energy and organizational skills allow her to serve as a link for participants, clients and the internal project team in order to ensure all aspects of an initiative are effectively and meaningfully executed.

Her curiosity and genuine appreciation for learning about others shines through and she stands out as a team player dedicated to outcomes and results above all else. 


Everyone smiles in the same language. —George Carlin
Experience in Healthcare
4 years
Previous job titles/roles
Event Coordinator
Project Manager - Sales and Sponsorship
Bachelors of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
The thing I love most about liV
The teamwork, the fact that each person’s opinion counts, and the expertise.
  1. The thing I loved most about school was group projects and presentations
  2. My guilty pleasure is discovering new restaurants and talking with the owners. It's fascinating!
  3. No one would ever guess that I am a very bad cook!
  4. I love to sing, dance, run, bike, and hike
  5. My favorite drink is ice cider or porto