Project Manager

Diane acquired a wealth of healthcare and communications experience prior to joining the LiV team. 

Her exceptional management style helps her define all aspects and necessary measures to be applied in reaching optimal and flawless success with every project. She has a proven track record of successfully delivering on large, multi-level accredited programs.

Her greatest strengths are her planning and organizational skills as well as an unwavering capacity to adapt to changes, all driven by her keen desire to successfully serve her clients while adhering to all the ethical rules of education.

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. —Zig Ziglar
Experience in Healthcare
14 years
Previous job titles/roles
Regional Continuing Health Education Manager
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Liaison Officer
Bachelor in Physical Education
CCPE Certificates: Initial Course, Cardiology, Continuing Health Education
The thing I love most about liV
Everyone contributes equally regardless of title and my point of view is taken seriously - I am very grateful for that.
  1. In school, I loved to participate in sports activities and competitions
  2. My guilty pleasure is watching decorating and cooking shows!
  3. No one would ever guess I participated in the 1989 World Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
  4. My favorite drink is wine
  5. My dog Laika is my little teady bear