Director, Education and Strategy

Michèle is a Pharmacist by profession and has held a vast array of positions at some of the most important Canadian pharmaceutical companies; however, her main passion is learning and education.

As a continuing health education specialist and a former member of the Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education (CACHE) board of directors, Michèle specializes in harnessing the power of education to create programs that produce sustainable behavioral change.

Her interest and commitment to the art and science of education makes her a key resource at LiV for the instructional design of impactful, accredited learning programs. 

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning —Benjamin Franklin
Experience in Healthcare
26 years
Previous job titles/roles
Director, Education and Performance Initiatives
Sales Director, Western Canada
Sales Director, Quebec
Bachelor of Pharmacy
The thing I love most about liV
I love my job! I am very impressed by the level of dedication of everyone at liV. I find it so inspiring that at LiV, EVERYONE contributes…this is unique!
  1. When it comes to learning, I like to ALWAYS do better and to improve what I am doing. I am my only competition.
  2. My guilty pleasure is spray paint projects
  3. No one would ever guess that I completed 2 half-marathons
  4. My favorite drink is pinot grigio
  5. On the weekend, I love to golf